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Background video streamed from YouTube showcasing DISMAL Survival video game project.

Spirit and Identity

D R O P P E D D E A DG A M E S is a virtual company designing video games.

D R O P P E D D E A DG A M E S is a virtual company designing video games originally from France and now based in UK London. With more than 15 years of experience and know-how, including numerous contributions for famous video games after release, have allow to design textures and maps for: Phosphor 3D by Rasterwerks; Fatal Furries by Smack Down Productions; Doom 3, Quake (DarkPlaces Engine), Quake 3 Arena, and Quake 3 Team Arena by id Software; Shadow Man by Acclaim Studios Teesside; Turok Dinosaur Hunter, and Turok 2 Seeds of Evil by Iguana Entertainment. D R O P P E D D E A DG A M E S is currently fully involved with DISMAL Survival. D R O P P E D D E A DG A M E S is a philosophy of mind.

What is DISMAL Survival

Dismal Survival officially started on Monday 18th May 2020. Dismal Survival is a first person, or third person, exploration survival video game experience, designed with Unreal Engine 4. There are no zombies or cannibals - Only you, and all the threats Mother Nature can muster. The game story is about a father and his little daughter involved in a terrible car accident. The father survived the car crash but had to be put into a deep coma following a cardiac arrest. His little daughter sadly passed away. The islands and all the survival are all in the father head as he is in a deep coma. The dad refuses to believe that his little girl is dead and he is looking for her. Somehow, he knows she is still alive somewhere. Dismal Survival will make you struggle to survive the cold, the rain, the snow, the tough changing of seasons, and the ocean storms. Manage your hunger, thirst, tiredness and mental health. Craft your raft and explore an endlessly generated islands from a few meters square up to 32 km square. Craft your tools and build a shelters. Start a fire to cook and to keep warm during the cold nights. Fish, harvest and gather resources. Fight against Chimeras and Gods during your dreams to regain lost memories and to gain new skills. Dismal Survival is a touching experience. Freedom, Immersion and Exploration are the key words. You will be transported into a world where the Spirit and Soul are acting like Bridges with the Outside World. DISMAL Survival is Gaël ROMANET's video game vision.

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Lead Graphic Visual Designer and Texture Artist: Gaël ROMANET

Lead Composer and Musical Ambiences: Alessandro SAINI

Lead Concept Artist: Marco VENITUCCI

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