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Doom 3 High Displacement Resolution technology map by GaŽl Romanet

gaelrD3dm1 : Golgotha

Phosphor 3D - Online Game : map textures by GaŽl Romanet, map dm crater by GaŽl Romanet

Phosphor 3D : map textures Phosphor 3D : map dm crater

Quake III Arena maps by GaŽl Romanet

AspecQ3dm1 : DEVIL PLAYGROUND AspecQ3dm2 : HELL'S ROOM AspecQ3dm3 : RETURN TO DEVIL PLAYGROUND AspecQ3dm4 : CEPS-A BASE AspecQ3compet1 : DEVIL PLAYGROUND 2 AspecQ3compet2 : DEPRIVATION OF LOVE MpAspecQ3dm3 : Return 2 Devil Playground

Doom 3 maps by GaŽl Romanet

AspecD3dm1 : Inner Chamber AspecD3dm2 : Inner Chamber 2